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DeveloperEpic Creations, Inc. / Epic! Creations Inc
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Description:### Epic: Kids' Books & Reading **About This App** Epic is the world's largest digital library for kids! Our fun and child-safe interactive reading app offers children instant access to over 40,000 books, audiobooks, learning videos, and more. This encourages curiosity and reading confidence by allowing kids to explore their interests freely. **Features:** - **Anytime, Anywhere Access:** Access our library from any Apple device. You can even download books for offline reading! - **Read-Aloud Books:** Besides our extensive collection of traditional e-books, we also have a vast selection of read-to-me books and audiobooks. Talented voice actors, engaging music, and exciting sound effects bring stories to life! - **Multilingual Options:** While most books on Epic are in English, we also offer books in Spanish, French, and Chinese to engage readers from diverse backgrounds and interests. - **Fun Rewards and Learning Tools:** Reading buddies, badges, and quizzes keep kids motivated to read and learn. Spotlight Words and audio-supported dictionary lookup teach vocabulary and pronunciation. **For Families: Epic Family** - **Subscription:** Paid subscription starts with a 7-day free trial. Cancel anytime. - **Personalized Experience:** Up to 4 child profiles, so each child enjoys a personalized reading experience. - **Parental Dashboard:** Allows you to see what they’re reading and track their progress. - **Reading Improvement:** 95% of Epic parents say Epic has helped improve their child’s reading skills. **For Educators: Epic School** - **Free for Educators and Students:** Epic School is free for educators and students to use during school hours. - **ELA Tools:** Filter titles by AR, DRA, F&P, grade, and more. - **Skill Development:** Quizzes, dictionary lookup, and Spotlight Words help build skills. - **Daily 20 Help:** Teachers can easily assign and share books, then track daily and weekly reading. - **Diverse Formats:** Multilingual books and engaging reading formats make reading accessible for every student. - **Highly Recommended:** Nine out of ten Epic educators recommend us to colleagues. - **Coming Soon! Epic School Plus:** A premium service funded by school districts, offering educators and students 24/7 access to Epic’s full library. **Media and Expert Reviews** - Featured on the Today Show, CNET, Refinery 29, and in the Wall Street Journal, Parents Magazine, USA Today, Forbes, Parenting.com, and more. - **TechCrunch:** “Epic strikes the perfect balance between educational and entertaining, which should give parents more confidence in introducing the iPad as a tool into their daily lives.” - **Parenting.com:** “Access thousands of books on all topics.” - **Cindy, Epic Educator Ambassador:** “Epic is so valuable because it gives students access to books they wouldn’t be able to get from their library or classroom.” Join the millions of families and educators who trust Epic to enhance their children’s reading journey. Download the Epic app today and open the door to a world of reading!
HOW TO PLAY:### User Guide for Epic: Kids' Books & Reading Welcome to Epic, the world's largest digital library for kids! Follow this guide to make the most out of the Epic app. #### Getting Started 1. **Download and Install the App:** - Visit the App Store on your Apple device. - Search for "Epic: Kids' Books & Reading." - Download and install the app. 2. **Sign Up:** - Open the app and tap on "Sign Up." - Follow the prompts to create an account. You can sign up for a free trial or choose a subscription plan. 3. **Create Child Profiles:** - After signing up, you can create up to 4 child profiles. - Customize each profile based on your child’s age, reading level, and interests. #### Navigating the App 1. **Home Screen:** - Browse recommended books, audiobooks, and learning videos tailored to your child’s profile. - Access featured collections and popular titles. 2. **Search Function:** - Tap the magnifying glass icon to search for specific titles, authors, or subjects. - Filter search results by age, reading level, or language. 3. **Categories:** - Explore different categories like “Read-To-Me,” “Audiobooks,” “Graphic Novels,” and more. - Discover books in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, and Chinese. #### Reading and Listening 1. **Reading a Book:** - Tap on a book cover to open it. - Swipe left or right to turn the pages. - Use the toolbar to adjust text size, change background colors, and add bookmarks. 2. **Listening to Audiobooks:** - Tap on an audiobook cover to start listening. - Use the play/pause button to control playback. - Adjust the playback speed if needed. 3. **Read-To-Me Books:** - These books are read aloud by professional narrators. - Follow along as the text is highlighted. #### Offline Reading 1. **Download Books:** - Tap on the download icon on a book’s cover to save it for offline reading. - Access downloaded books from the “My Library” section. #### Parental Controls and Monitoring 1. **Parental Dashboard:** - Access the dashboard from the main menu. - Monitor your child’s reading progress, including time spent reading and books completed. 2. **Setting Goals and Rewards:** - Set daily or weekly reading goals. - Track achievements and award badges to motivate your child. #### Using Epic School 1. **For Educators:** - Sign in with your educator account to access Epic School. - Assign books to students and track their reading progress. - Use ELA tools to filter titles and manage classroom reading activities. 2. **For Students:** - Students can log in with their school credentials. - Access books assigned by their teacher and complete reading assignments. #### Managing Subscriptions 1. **Subscription Plans:** - Choose a plan that suits your needs from the settings menu. - Start with a 7-day free trial before committing to a paid subscription. 2. **Canceling Subscription:** - Go to your account settings. - Follow the prompts to cancel your subscription if needed. #### Troubleshooting and Support 1. **Help Center:** - Access the help center from the main menu for FAQs and troubleshooting tips. 2. **Customer Support:** - Contact customer support directly through the app for any issues or questions. ### Tips for Parents - Encourage your child to explore different genres and topics to broaden their interests. - Use the parental dashboard regularly to stay informed about your child’s reading habits and progress. - Make reading a daily habit by setting aside dedicated reading time. Download the Epic app today and embark on an exciting reading journey with your child! Happy reading!
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