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Description:**iQIYI - Asian Dramas, Anime & Variety Shows** **About This App** Exclusive popular dramas, variety shows, anime, movies, and more original content, all on iQIYI! ### Latest Updates 1. **Faster Playback** - Improved startup speed to provide you with the best viewing experience. 2. **Enhanced Casting Functionality** - Optimized casting feature to solve disconnection issues for a seamless viewing experience. 3. **Expanded Sharing Options** - Added sharing channels like Facebook and Instagram Stories. Share your viewing progress with friends anytime, anywhere! ### Key Features 1. **Free Mode** - Enjoy high-quality free content by simply downloading the app. 2. **Premium Mode** - For an enhanced user experience, join iQIYI International VIP. Enjoy 1080P HD videos, Dolby audio, and more exclusive benefits. 3. **Multi-Language Interface** - Multi-language subtitles and search engine for a better experience for users overseas. 4. **Simple Interface** - Not sure what to watch or where to find features? Our unprecedentedly simple interface will make navigation easy! 5. **Multi-Device Viewing** - Watch on your phone, tablet, or TV with synchronized progress. Enjoy your content on the big or small screen as you prefer. ### Exciting Content #### Popular Dramas - *Love the Way You Are* - *Time to Fall in Love* - *Dr. Tang* - *She and Her Perfect Husband* - *Day Breaker* - *Life is a Long Quiet River* - *My Dear Guardian* - *The Wind Blows From Longxi* - *The Ideal City* - *Love Scenery* - *Word of Honor* - *Forever and Ever* - *One and Only* - *My Heroic Husband* - *Falling Into Your Smile* - *You Are My Glory* - *Go Go Squid 2* - *Put Your Head on My Shoulder* - *The Sword and the Brocade* - *Ultimate Note* - *Love and Redemption* - *Moonlight* - *My Roommate is a Gumiho* - *The Rebel* - *The Day of Becoming You* #### Popular Anime - *Attack on Titan Season 4* - *Jujutsu Kaisen* - *One Piece* - *Digimon* - *Slam Dunk* - *Sword Art Online* - *Haikyu!!* - *Cells at Work!!* - *Dragon Ball Super* - *Wu Shen Zhu Zai* #### Popular Variety Shows - *The Rap of China* - *HAHAHAHAHA* - *Not A Normal Party* - *The Coming One 7* - *Dimension Nova* - *Summer Surf Shop* - *The Big Band 2* - *Detective Chinatown* - *Mr. Housework 3* - *Stage Boom* - *Youth With You 3* #### Exclusive Movies - *Soul Snatcher* - *Big Shark* - *The Promise of Chang'an* - *Mulan* Discover more surprises on iQIYI International. Download now and experience it for yourself!
HOW TO PLAY:**iQIYI — User Guide** Welcome to iQIYI! Follow this guide to start enjoying exclusive dramas, variety shows, anime, movies, and more on iQIYI. ### Getting Started 1. **Download and Install** Download the iQIYI app from your device's app store and install it. 2. **Create an Account or Log In** - Open the app and sign up for a new account or log in with your existing account. - You can also log in using your Facebook or Google account for quicker access. ### Navigating the App 1. **Home Screen** - Upon opening the app, you’ll see the home screen with recommended content and various categories. - Use the navigation bar at the bottom to switch between Home, Categories, VIP, Search, and Profile. 2. **Search for Content** - Tap the search icon in the navigation bar. - Enter the name of the show, movie, or anime you’re looking for. - Browse through the search results to find what you need. 3. **Browsing Categories** - Tap the Categories icon to explore different types of content. - Categories include Dramas, Variety Shows, Anime, Movies, and more. ### Watching Content 1. **Free Mode** - Access a wide range of free content by selecting from the home screen or categories. - Some content may have ads. 2. **VIP Mode** - For an ad-free experience and additional features, subscribe to iQIYI International VIP. - Enjoy 1080P HD videos, Dolby audio, and exclusive content. - To subscribe, tap the VIP icon and follow the instructions to join. 3. **Multi-Language Subtitles** - Many shows and movies offer subtitles in multiple languages. - Select your preferred subtitle language by tapping the subtitle icon while playing a video. 4. **Casting to Other Devices** - Tap the cast icon to stream content to your TV or other supported devices. - Ensure your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your casting device. ### Additional Features 1. **Sharing Content** - Share your favorite shows and movies with friends via Facebook, Instagram Stories, and more. - Tap the share icon on the video playback page to share. 2. **Download for Offline Viewing** - Download videos to watch offline by tapping the download icon on the video playback page. - Access your downloaded content in the "Downloads" section of your profile. 3. **Watch History and Bookmarks** - Access your watch history and bookmarks from your profile. - Easily continue watching from where you left off or rewatch your favorite content. ### Settings and Customization 1. **Language and Region** - Customize the app’s language and region settings for a personalized experience. - Access settings from your profile and select "Language" or "Region." 2. **Notifications** - Enable or disable notifications for new content and updates in the settings menu. ### Tips for an Enhanced Experience - **Keep the App Updated** - Ensure you have the latest version of the app to enjoy new features and improvements. - **Explore New Content** - Regularly check the home screen and categories for new and trending shows and movies. ### Support If you encounter any issues or need assistance, visit our support page within the app or contact our customer support team.
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