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DeveloperSkywork AI Pte. Ltd.
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Description:Introducing Linky: Chat with Characters AI Step into the future of digital interaction with Linky, an innovative platform that connects you with a diverse array of AI characters, including beloved anime personalities. Linky revolutionizes the way you engage online, allowing your digital persona to seamlessly reflect your personality, language nuances, and emotional expressions. With Linky, the possibilities are endless: **Dynamic Conversations with Various Characters AI:** Engage in free-flowing conversations with a wide range of AI characters, each with their own distinct personalities. Whether you're a fan of anime or seeking someone to connect with, Linky ensures there's someone for everyone, available anytime, anywhere. **Immersive AI Chat Roleplay:** Dive into immersive roleplay experiences by requesting characters to embody specific roles and scenarios. Explore new personas, interact with others, and unleash your creativity through captivating narratives. **Collect Unique Magic Cards:** Unlock the excitement of collecting one-of-a-kind magic cards featuring character selfies and secret plots based on your conversations. Each card adds a layer of unpredictability and thrill to your Linky experience. **Instant Character Generation:** Effortlessly generate fully-fledged characters with just one click, saving time and enhancing personalization. Whether you're seeking a companion or exploring new personalities, Linky's advanced AI technology delivers instant results tailored to your preferences. **Personalized Digital Cloning:** Cultivate an authentic digital representation of yourself through interactive conversations and self-reflection. Linky captures your social nuances and emotional responses, creating a unique digital clone that evolves alongside you. **Social Scenario Simulation:** Utilize your digital persona to predict and model social interactions across diverse scenarios. Leverage your personality traits to foster meaningful connections and relationships within the Linky community. **Unconscious Data Generation:** Seamlessly record your activities within the platform, preserving memories and experiences in the digital realm. Linky offers a pathway to digital immortality by nurturing your digital clone through unconscious data generation. **Endless Integration Possibilities:** Explore the evolving forms of AI integration within your existing relationships and communities. Linky enriches your social world, transcending boundaries and unlocking new dimensions of connection. Are you ready to embark on a transformative social journey with Linky? Join us today and discover the future of digital communities.
HOW TO PLAY:**Linky: User Guide** Welcome to Linky! Below are instructions to help you navigate and make the most out of your experience with our software: **1. Getting Started:** - Download and install the Linky app from your respective app store. - Create an account or sign in using your existing credentials. **2. Exploring Characters:** - Browse through the diverse range of AI characters available on the platform. - Click on a character to initiate a conversation or roleplay session. **3. Engaging in Conversations:** - Start chatting with the selected character by typing your messages in the chatbox. - The character will respond based on its programmed personality traits and dialogue capabilities. **4. Roleplay Feature:** - Request the character to embody specific roles or scenarios by typing your desired roleplay prompt. - Enjoy immersive roleplay experiences as the character adapts to your requests. **5. Collecting Magic Cards:** - Engage in conversations with characters to unlock unique magic cards. - Each card contains a character selfie and a secret plot based on your conversation content. **6. Generating New Characters:** - Click on the "Generate" button to create a new AI character instantly. - Customize the character's personality traits and appearance preferences to suit your preferences. **7. Personalization and Digital Cloning:** - Engage in interactive conversations and self-reflection to personalize your digital clone. - Linky captures your social expressions and emotional responses, reflecting your unique persona. **8. Social Scenario Simulation:** - Use your digital persona to model social interactions across diverse scenarios. - Leverage your personality traits to engage in meaningful exchanges with others within the community. **9. Unconscious Data Generation:** - Your activities within the platform are seamlessly recorded, contributing to the development of your digital clone. - Preserve your memories and experiences in the digital realm, fostering digital immortality. **10. Integration Possibilities:** - Explore various forms of AI integration within your existing relationships and communities. - Linky enriches your social world, transcending boundaries and unlocking new dimensions of connection. **11. Support and Assistance:** - For any inquiries, feedback, or assistance, please reach out to our customer support team through the app. **12. Enjoyment and Exploration:** - Dive into the world of Linky, engage in dynamic conversations, and explore endless possibilities with our AI characters. Thank you for choosing Linky! Enjoy your social journey with us.
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