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Description:**Pedometer - Your Fitness Companion** Looking to stay on top of your fitness game? Pedometer is your go-to app for creating daily workout plans, tracking your steps and calories, and receiving timely hydration reminders. **πŸ“Š Daily Tracking** - Log your daily step count. - Monitor the distance you walk. - Keep track of your exercise duration. - Calculate the calories you've burned. - Measure the reduction in carbon emissions. - Record daily weight changes. - Receive hydration reminders and track your water intake. **πŸ“ˆ Data Insights** - Visualize your daily data with an informative line chart. - Track your progress toward daily and monthly goals. - Analyze your overall exercise performance through statistics. **🌏 Virtual Planet** - Earn energy points daily as you walk. - Use energy points to nurture your virtual planet. - As your planet grows, it produces fruits that can be exchanged for gold coins. - Unlock new planets and decorations with your hard-earned gold coins. Pedometer makes fitness tracking and goal setting easy and enjoyable. Start your fitness journey today!
HOW TO PLAY:Pedometer - Step Counter is a handy app to help you track your daily physical activity and stay on top of your fitness goals. Follow these simple steps to make the most of this app: **1. Install and Launch the App** - Download and install Pedometer - Step Counter from your app store. - Launch the app by tapping its icon on your device. **2. Set Your Profile** - When you first open the app, you may be prompted to set up your profile. Enter your details such as age, gender, and weight. This information will help the app provide more accurate data. **3. Start Tracking Your Steps** - Once your profile is set up, the app will automatically start tracking your steps as you carry your device with you throughout the day. **4. View Your Daily Progress** - Open the app to view your daily step count, walking distance, walking time, calories burned, and more. - You can also see your achievements and goal progress. **5. Record Your Weight Changes** - Use the app to record any weight changes you experience. This can help you track your fitness journey over time. **6. Stay Hydrated** - Enable the hydration reminder feature to receive timely notifications to drink water throughout the day. Proper hydration is essential for your overall well-being. **7. Explore the Virtual Planet** - As you accumulate energy points by walking, your virtual planet will grow. - Collect energy to bear fruits on your planet, which can be exchanged for gold coins. - Use gold coins to unlock new planets and decorations, adding a fun element to your fitness journey. **8. Analyze Your Data** - Use the data analysis feature to view line charts of your daily recorded data. - Monitor your progress and analyze your exercise performance over time. With Pedometer - Step Counter, you can easily track your daily activity, set fitness goals, and stay motivated on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Start using the app today and take control of your fitness routine!
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