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Description:**Singpass** **About This App** Log in within seconds using your fingerprint, face, or 6-digit passcode! **Transform the Way You Transact** - **View Government Information in One Place** Customize the information you want to see on the app with the enhanced Singpass Myinfo Profile. Choose from CPF account information, HDB property details, passport expiry dates, and more. - **Say Goodbye to Long Passwords** With QR login, you can skip entering your Singpass ID and password. Simply scan or tap the QR code to launch the app, verify your identity, and you're good to go! You can also access popular digital services directly from the app using login shortcuts. - **Transact Securely Anytime, Anywhere** Whether working or staying overseas, enjoy greater mobility with the Singpass app. No more waiting for SMS OTPs to access digital services. **Key Features** - **Digital Signature:** Easily and securely sign documents and contracts with your Singpass app, eliminating the need for in-person and paper signatures. - **Inbox:** Receive government notifications through the Singpass app inbox. - **Verification:** Securely verify your identity in person by scanning a QR code. **Simple 3-Step Setup** You only need a smartphone, an internet connection, and a registered Singpass account. 1. **Step 1:** Install the Singpass app. 2. **Step 2:** Complete the one-time setup. 3. **Step 3:** Your trusted digital identity is now ready! Access digital services using your fingerprint, face, or 6-digit passcode through the Singpass app—it's that simple! **Feedback** We'd love to hear from you! For feedback or questions, please email [email protected]. **Note:** Singpass can only be installed on one device at a time. **This app is provided to you by the Government Technology Agency.** **Recommended Requirements** To optimize your user experience, it is recommended to meet the following requirements: - Minimum Android version 8 - At least 100MB of storage space - Installed Google Play services **FAQ** If you encounter a "request has expired" message, try setting your device to use "automatic date and time" or "automatic time zone." The exact name may vary depending on your device and can be found in your device settings.
HOW TO PLAY:**Singpass User Guide** **Introduction:** Welcome to Singpass, your trusted digital identity for seamless and secure transactions with Singapore government services. This guide will help you set up and navigate the Singpass app. **Getting Started:** 1. **Download and Install:** - Visit the Google Play Store and search for "Singpass." - Download and install the app on your device. 2. **Setting Up Your Account:** - Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the one-time setup. - Ensure you have an internet connection and a registered Singpass account. **Main Features and How to Use Them:** 1. **Login with Fingerprint, Face, or Passcode:** - Open the Singpass app. - Authenticate using your fingerprint, face recognition, or 6-digit passcode to log in quickly and securely. 2. **View Government Information:** - Access the Singpass Myinfo Profile from the app’s main menu. - Customize the information displayed, such as CPF account details, HDB property information, and passport expiry dates. 3. **QR Code Login:** - On a service provider’s website, select the QR code login option. - Scan the QR code using the Singpass app. - Verify your identity in the app to log in without entering your Singpass ID and password. 4. **Digital Signature:** - Select the document you need to sign within the app. - Use the Singpass app to digitally sign documents and contracts securely, without the need for paper signatures. 5. **Inbox:** - Access your Singpass inbox from the main menu. - Receive and view important government notifications directly in the app. 6. **Identity Verification:** - Use the QR code scanner within the app to verify your identity in person when required. **Using Singpass Anywhere:** - Singpass provides the flexibility to securely transact anytime, anywhere, whether you are in Singapore or overseas. - No need to wait for SMS OTPs; use the app to access digital services on the go. **Troubleshooting and FAQs:** 1. **Request Expired Message:** - Ensure your device is set to use “automatic date and time” or “automatic time zone.” - This setting can be found in your device settings under Date & Time. 2. **Technical Issues:** - Ensure the app is updated to the latest version. - Restart the app or your device if you encounter any issues. - For persistent problems, contact Singpass support at [email protected]. **Security Tips:** - Singpass can only be installed on one device at a time for security reasons. - Keep your app and device updated to the latest versions for optimal security. - Never share your passcode, fingerprint, or face recognition details with anyone. **Conclusion:** Singpass is designed to make your interactions with Singapore government services smooth, secure, and efficient. With features like biometric login, QR code authentication, and digital signatures, Singpass ensures your transactions are both easy and safe. Enjoy the convenience of your digital identity with Singpass!
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