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DeveloperTON APPS UK LTD / Ton Apps Limited
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Description:Tonkeeper — TON Wallet About This App Tonkeeper is the simplest way to store, send, and receive Toncoin on The Open Network, a powerful new blockchain that offers unprecedented transaction speed and throughput while providing a robust programming environment for smart contract applications. A User-Friendly Non-Custodial Wallet Get started without registration or personal details. Simply write down the secret recovery phrase generated by Tonkeeper, and you can start trading, sending, and receiving Toncoin immediately. World-Class Speed and Ultra-Low Fees TON is a network designed for speed and throughput. Fees are significantly lower than other blockchains, with transactions confirmed within seconds. Peer-to-Peer Subscriptions Support your favorite creators through subscriptions paid in Toncoins.
HOW TO PLAY:**Tonkeeper — User Guide** Welcome to Tonkeeper! Follow this guide to start using Tonkeeper to store, send, and receive Toncoin on The Open Network. ### Getting Started 1. **Download and Install** Download the Tonkeeper app from your device's app store and install it. 2. **Create a New Wallet** - Open the app and select "Create a New Wallet." - Write down the secret recovery phrase provided by Tonkeeper. This phrase is crucial for accessing your wallet, so store it securely. - Confirm your recovery phrase by re-entering it when prompted. 3. **Access Your Wallet** - Once your wallet is created, you can access it without any registration or personal details. ### Using Your Wallet 1. **View Your Balance** - Open the app to see your current Toncoin balance displayed on the main screen. 2. **Receive Toncoin** - Tap the "Receive" button. - Share your wallet address or the QR code with the sender to receive Toncoin. 3. **Send Toncoin** - Tap the "Send" button. - Enter the recipient’s wallet address or scan their QR code. - Specify the amount of Toncoin you wish to send. - Confirm the transaction details and tap "Send." 4. **Transaction History** - View your past transactions by navigating to the "Transactions" section in the app. ### Additional Features 1. **Low Fees and Fast Transactions** - Enjoy low transaction fees and confirmation within seconds, thanks to TON's efficient network design. 2. **Peer-to-Peer Subscriptions** - Support your favorite content creators by subscribing to them using Toncoins. - Navigate to the "Subscriptions" section, select a creator, and follow the instructions to set up a subscription. ### Security Tips - **Keep Your Recovery Phrase Safe** - Your secret recovery phrase is essential for wallet recovery. Store it in a secure place and never share it with anyone. - **Enable Additional Security** - Use app-specific security features such as PIN codes or biometric authentication for an added layer of protection. ### Support If you encounter any issues or need assistance, visit our support page within the app or contact our customer support team.
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