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Description:**Wallet Cards | Digital Wallet | Passbook Wallet** **About This App** Among all wallet apps on the Play Store, Wallet Cards is the best digital wallet for migrating from Apple iPhone Wallet to Android Passbook! **Store Your Credit/Debit Cards** Wallet Cards allows you to effortlessly store your bank cards in your wallet, including credit cards, debit cards, and even virtual cards. **EU Digital Green Certificate** Easily convert your PDF or printed vaccination documents into an EU Digital Green Certificate. **Boarding Passes and Event Tickets** Simply add your airline boarding passes or tickets from Ticketmaster and StubHub to Wallet Cards for easy check-in or access to events using just your mobile wallet. **Rewards, Coupons, and Store Membership Cards** Add your favorite coffee shop or retail store cards, rewards, or coupons to Wallet Cards so you never miss out on any rewards and benefits. **Student ID Cards** Add your student ID card to Wallet Cards and use it to access your dormitory, library, campus events, and more. You can even use it to pay for laundry, snacks, and meals on participating university campuses. **Respect for Your Privacy** Wallet Cards requires minimal permissions to function fully. - Never retains any personal information - Does not share location information with any online servers (including Wallet Cards servers) - All location-based push notifications are processed internally on your smartphone based on actual location, compared to preloaded location settings defined by specific digital card providers - Camera access is only required when you want to scan barcodes. No online data sharing. **Features and Compatibility** - Fully compatible with Apple iPhone Passbook - Best Android Passbook Wallet pass app - Automatic pass updates and notifications - Embedded QR code scanner and built-in browser - Barcode support (QR, PDF417, Aztec, Code128) - iBeacon support (background embedded iBeacon scanner) - Referral option for installation - Supports passbook format .pkpass for Apple iPhone Wallet - Great alternative Android wallet app for Apple iPhone Passbook app - Does not support NFC - Not a replacement for Apple Pay on iPhone **About Wallet Cards Alliance** Wallet Cards Alliance is a consortium of companies operating in the mobile wallet marketing industry, dedicated to developing a top-tier mobile wallet experience for Android platform users. **Maintenance Commitment** Wallet Cards is an open platform for all companies developing digital card solutions. The WCA guarantees maintenance for at least 10 years.
HOW TO PLAY:**Wallet Cards User Guide** **Welcome to Wallet Cards** Wallet Cards is your ultimate digital wallet solution, allowing you to store, manage, and use your cards conveniently on your Android device. Follow this guide to make the most out of your Wallet Cards experience. **Getting Started** 1. **Download and Install** - Go to the Google Play Store. - Search for "Wallet Cards" and download the app. - Open the app after installation. 2. **Set Up Your Wallet** - Open the Wallet Cards app. - Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your wallet. **Storing Cards** 1. **Credit/Debit Cards** - Tap on the “Add Card” button. - Select “Credit/Debit Card.” - Enter your card details manually or use the camera to scan the card. - Save the card to your wallet. 2. **EU Digital Green Certificate** - Tap on the “Add Card” button. - Select “EU Digital Green Certificate.” - Upload your PDF or scan the printed certificate. - The app will convert it into a digital format for easy access. 3. **Boarding Passes and Event Tickets** - Tap on the “Add Card” button. - Select “Boarding Pass” or “Event Ticket.” - Scan the barcode or QR code on your boarding pass or ticket. - Save it to your wallet for easy access during check-in or event entry. 4. **Rewards, Coupons, and Store Membership Cards** - Tap on the “Add Card” button. - Select “Reward Card,” “Coupon,” or “Membership Card.” - Enter the details or scan the barcode. - Save it to your wallet to ensure you never miss a reward or benefit. 5. **Student ID Cards** - Tap on the “Add Card” button. - Select “Student ID.” - Enter your student ID details or scan the card. - Save it to use for accessing dorms, libraries, campus events, and payments on participating campuses. **Using Your Cards** 1. **Accessing Cards** - Open the Wallet Cards app. - Tap on the card you want to use. - Show the barcode or QR code to the relevant scanner or person. 2. **Managing Notifications** - Wallet Cards automatically updates and notifies you about your stored passes. - Ensure notifications are enabled in your device settings to receive updates. **Privacy and Security** - **Minimal Permissions**: Wallet Cards requires minimal permissions to function. - **No Personal Data Retention**: The app does not retain any personal information. - **No Location Sharing**: Location information is not shared with any online servers. - **Camera Access**: Required only for scanning barcodes, no online data sharing involved. **Compatibility and Features** - Compatible with Apple iPhone Passbook - Supports various barcode formats (QR, PDF417, Aztec, Code128) - Built-in QR code scanner and browser - iBeacon support for background scanning - Installation referral options available - Supports .pkpass format for Apple iPhone Wallet **Support and Maintenance** - Wallet Cards is maintained by the Wallet Cards Alliance, committed to providing a top-tier mobile wallet experience for Android users. - The WCA guarantees maintenance and support for at least 10 years. **Troubleshooting and Support** - For any issues or support, visit the app’s support page or contact customer service through the app’s help section. **Enjoy the convenience and security of Wallet Cards!**
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