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Description:### Wise: Travel and Save Worldwide **About This App:** Traveling or on a business trip? Wise helps you save money wherever you are in the world. With access to 160 countries and over 40 currencies, Wise is your one-stop solution for easy money transfers, spending, and receiving funds. Fast, low-cost, and reliable, join over 16 million people globally who trust Wise for hassle-free financial transactions. **Travel the World with Wise:** - Always get the mid-market exchange rate on every transaction. - We always disclose the fees upfront, so there are no surprises. **Save Money on International Transfers:** - Send money to over 70 countries. - Fast transfers: over half of international transfers are instant. **A Debit Card for All Your Currency Needs:** - Spend and withdraw money in over 150 countries. - Pay in local currency wherever you are. Our automatic conversion feature ensures you get the best possible rate. - Shop online securely with a digital card. **Hold and Exchange Over 40 Currencies:** - Manage all your currencies for free in one account. - Instantly exchange between different currencies at real-time rates. **Receive Money Like a Local:** - Get your own account details for the UK, US, Europe, and more. - Use them to receive payments or make direct payments in multiple currencies without extra fees. **Business Accounts for Global Expansion:** - Pay invoices and bills faster with better exchange rates. - Receive payments from customers around the world with local account details. - Seamlessly integrate with supported platforms like Amazon, Stripe, and Xero. **Regulation and Security:** Wise is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and other authorities worldwide. Visit wise.com to learn more about our global coverage and product features. Start your journey with Wise today and save money as you travel the world!
HOW TO PLAY:### Wise: User Guide #### **Getting Started:** 1. **Download the Wise App:** - Visit the App Store or Google Play Store. - Search for "Wise" and download the app. 2. **Create an Account:** - Open the Wise app. - Sign up using your email address or phone number. - Follow the prompts to complete your profile, including identity verification for security purposes. #### **Adding Money to Your Wise Account:** 1. **Link a Bank Account:** - Go to the "Add Money" section. - Select your preferred bank and follow the instructions to link your account. 2. **Add Funds:** - Choose the amount and currency you want to add. - Confirm the details and complete the transaction. #### **Sending Money Internationally:** 1. **Initiate a Transfer:** - Go to the "Send Money" section. - Enter the recipient’s details (name, bank account, etc.). 2. **Choose the Amount:** - Specify the amount you want to send and the currency. - The app will show the exact amount the recipient will receive, including fees. 3. **Confirm and Pay:** - Review the details. - Confirm and complete the payment using your linked bank account, credit card, or debit card. #### **Using the Wise Debit Card:** 1. **Order Your Card:** - Navigate to the "Cards" section. - Follow the instructions to order your Wise debit card. 2. **Activate Your Card:** - Once you receive your card, go to the "Cards" section. - Enter the activation code included with your card. 3. **Spend and Withdraw Money:** - Use your card to pay in local currency anywhere in the world. - Withdraw cash from ATMs in over 150 countries. #### **Managing Multiple Currencies:** 1. **Hold Multiple Currencies:** - Go to the "Balances" section. - Add different currencies to your account. 2. **Exchange Money:** - Select the currencies you want to exchange between. - Confirm the exchange rate and complete the transaction. #### **Receiving Money:** 1. **Get Local Account Details:** - Go to the "Balances" section and select a currency. - Get local bank details for the UK, US, Europe, and other regions. 2. **Share Your Details:** - Share these bank details with clients or friends to receive payments directly into your Wise account. #### **Business Accounts:** 1. **Set Up a Business Account:** - Go to the Wise website and sign up for a business account. - Follow the instructions to verify your business information. 2. **Manage Payments:** - Pay invoices and bills with better exchange rates. - Receive payments from global customers using local account details. #### **Security and Support:** 1. **Secure Your Account:** - Enable two-factor authentication for added security. - Use PIN, biometric authentication, and Face or Touch ID. 2. **Get Help:** - Access the Help Center in the app for FAQs and support. - Contact customer service 24/7 for assistance.
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